What we do

Our goal is to make technology accessible to you and deliver the best possible solutions for your business. We hear you, understand your business and strive to build a solution that solves your business problem.

We work closely with your business stake-holders and understand your short-term and long-term business needs. Accordingly we come up with a strategy that closely knits your current technology investments and future initiatives.

Custom Web Applications

Our services include building custom web applications that streamline your business. Web applications allow companies to provide a centralized service to their employees, clients and partners.

System Integration

We provide system integration services, integration of your existing CRM, BI or a custom service, coupled with creating a web based platform we help you leverage your legacy systems and allow them to work in tandem with newer initiatives using the cutting edge technology.

Portal Solutions

We provide portal solutions. Portals allow your company to provide a single managed location for information dissemination, a personal experience for your employees and clients.

Business & Technology Consulting

We specialize in business and technology consulting. We work closely with you to identify internal processes and your business needs. We can formulate and document these processes and requirements. We then develop strategies to find risks and threats. We then determine the right kind of technology solution, keeping in mind your existing investment and future path. We work with you as your partner to guarantee that you get the most from your investment.

Content & Document Management Solutions

We provide content management and document management solutions. Content Management gives you the power to keep your intranet or public website up to date and accessible, and allows you to respond to ever changing marketplace with updated content, white papers, articles, blogs and news releases. Document management provides a centralized system for managing and publishing documents, version control and secured access.

Logific can help you expand your technology potential, streamline and strengthen your business and drive growth.

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