How We do it

A methodology helps track milestones and expectations. We follow an iterative and incremental development process that is proven to keep you informed, allows you to see results sooner, minimizes risk and allows for a solution to be built just as you had envisioned.


The objective of this phase is to ensure that there is a business need and a justification for investment. We define the project scope, identify major risks and prepare preliminary project milestones and project cost.


Once the project is underway, we gather requirements in detail. We start on analysis, design and architecture. We identify the best possible solution and the best suited technology. We start on prototyping high risk tasks. In this phase, we finalize the project plan with tasks and milestones and verify the final project cost. Our analysts and architects work closely with you to understand your processes, document business requirements and write functional and technical specifications.


In this phase, we build out the system that was designed. This phase occurs over iterations, where in each iteration we incrementally add on to previously built functionality. Each iteration is tested and show-cased. You get an opportunity to see the progress and provide input and fine-tune continued development.


The system is deployed for user acceptance. We gather the feedback and work those into the final iterations. The system is documented and training is provided. This phase may also include knowledge transfer if continued development is done in-house.

You will have an opportunity to engage at every step of this process, provide input and guide the next steps. Since no two projects are the same, and sometimes you may already have a process in place, we accordingly refine and adapt this process for each engagement for most efficient and effective implementation.

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