Schlesinger Associates Client Portal

Schlesinger Associates wanted to provide a centralized home for all of their clients where they could view status and progress of jobs. This portal would augment their current streams of communication and would provide a platform where more detailed and real time data would be made available to their clients.

Logific in partnership with DefinedLogic lead the architecture and detailed study of their current technological assets. We established an Enterprise level Service based platform upon which the ClientSpace portal was built. The Enterprise Service platform consolidated and aggregated various underlying assets, including but not limited to Databases, Services and Partner platforms. Clientspace portal is the first of many services that can be built on this platform.

The user interface utilizes the best of Javascript based clients and provides for a highly interactive experience without losing on traditional browsing and SEO practices. This portal has been well received by Schlesinger’s client community.

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Schlesinger Associates Client Space 1


Schlesinger Associates Client Space 2

Schlesinger Associates Client Space 4

Schlesinger Associates Client Space 5